The Ladies Golf Shoppe

…. I remember as a child, grabbing my Father’s 8 iron and heading on outside to the field behind our house – we lived in upstate New York at the time. You could easily (even as an adult) take a full swing and stay “within the bounds”. I suppose if you sliced really badly you might end up in the stream that paralleled the field, but that never happened.

Ladies Golf Shop  Wherever we moved (my father’s job required us to move quite often when I was young), I always seemed to hunt out an open field somewhere where I could hack away  … pretending I was a famous golfer.  In the days of the 1960’s and 70’s, women’s golf was not highlighted the way it is today, and it was all about men’s golf then.

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As I got a little older, the same routine was in place but now I found myself trying to hit sand shots on the beaches and “flats” of Cape Cod Bay!… I’ll get  a picture of the flats up.

When it was time to go to college in 1972, I remember my Father talking with a friend of his about how I should go to a golf school in Florida; he even helped with getting me a “real” set of clubs! Well, I guess I was too young to appreciated the natural gift I was given and where I could take it – a missed opportunity!

I’ve always loved golf – always will.

Women (in my humble opinion), have had a long hard battle to get noticed in the game.  Yes, the LPGA and a small number of other organizations have helped, but it still has a long way to go.
Advertising dollars and a “men’s” mentality in the sport, along with some sexist websites that look at women as objects spurred me on a mission – this site.

You won’t find glitz & glitter here!
… just good golf “stuff”.

LGS invites you all to contribute through comments and sharing.

~ Joanne