Keep Your Golf Game in the Swing of Things During the Winter

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Keeping Golf Focused During the Winter

As I am sitting here looking outside my window, writing and sipping my coffee, I realize that I don’t live in a place that’s appropriate for being an avid golfer. While it’s probably around 5 degrees outside, it actually feels like it’s -10 (awesome, I know). I long for the days of sun and heat, as I dream of playing outside with the kids or hitting the golf course for nine holes.

A Course Divided – On Trump & the 2017 U.S. Women’s Open

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Donald Trumps’ Impact on The 2017 US Women’s Open

In a country that is heavily divided ideologically with controversy surrounding much of the most recent election, it’s hard to imagine how any of that would have to do with golf. If you are following the upcoming LPGA schedule, then you may already know that the 2017 Women’s U.S. Open is set to take place at the Trump National Golf Club in Bedminster, New Jersey. This golf course was given the honor of hosting this event when Donald Trump was simply referred to as a business mogul and reality TV host. He is now the 45th President of the United States .....

Always Keep Your Head Up – Unless Your Golfing!

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How I Let My Love of Golf Get Overshadowed

They say that you should never regret the decisions you make in life. That’s easier said than done, especially when you are a teenager and think you know what it takes to rule the world at 18. I have not regretted the college I choose or that I decided to move back home and raise a family in the town I grew up in.  However, there is one choice I made that still pangs me to this day, and that was not pursuing golf in my high school and college years.

How to Golf and Travel

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How to Fit Golf Into Your Travel Plans

Since many of the trips I take are usually road trips, my husband and I try to find a golf course along our traveling route to stop and play a round of golf at. It not only breaks up our trips, it also gives us a chance to golf at a different course and enjoy the scenic route of our road trip. Here's what I've discovered!

8 Awesome & Lightweight Women’s Golf Bags – Bold and Beautiful!

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Lightweight Women's Golf Bags

Gone are the days of the “monster” leather bags that I remember using. The lightweight women’s golf bags produced today make carrying your clubs around from here to there “super easy”.  Ladies, get your "Golf On"!

What Golf Exercises Help Improve Your Golf Game? – 5 Easy Workouts

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Exercise Techniques to Enhance Your Golf Game & Body

Golf does not require the strength of a football player, the endurance of a basketball player or the agility of a hockey athlete. It's a game that mixes together elements of athleticism, hand/eye coordination, mental focus and flexibility to form a swing that many of us have come to use for a game we love. What golf exercises will help?

Ha Na Jang – LPGA Fubon Taiwan Championship Winner

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Well, another LPGA Tournament has just wrapped up, and Ha Na Jang has just won a cool $300,000!  The LPGA Fubon Taiwan Championship has some surprises just as most tournaments do, but Jang's performance on Round 4 was just shy of being overtaken by 2nd place Shanshan Feng who actually had a simply incredible round.

Jofit Golf Apparel for Women

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Jofit golf apparel for women is an apparel brand you can trust, but that you might not know of - until now.

Started by a women who learned to golf because of her son. Finding that the women’s golf clothes available at the time were totally uncomfortable and “just not right”, the idea of Jofit was born.
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