The History of Women and Golf – A Look Back

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Golf has been a game that has been played and loved by many for generations. Its history is enriched with great stories, triumphs and perseverance. But the history of women and golf never seems to get the full attention it deserves.

  To this day, golf still brings us new victories that we will always remember, ... like the 2016 US Ryder Cup Team "taking back the cup" with the crowd fully engaged, or Danny Willett winning the Masters and the "green jacket" for the first time. Now it's the women's turn!

Arnold Palmer Dies at 87 – A Golf Legend

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One of the greatest golfers of all time Arnold Palmer has passed. It is a very sad day indeed.

You'll find all kinds of tributes, but this really portrayed Arnold well. He will be sincerely missed - and thank you Arnie, for all you've done for the game of golf, and the world! Photo Credit: Ed Reinke / Associated Press

Annika Sorenstam Remembers 59 – 15 Years Later

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15 years later, Annika Sorenstam remembers the round of 59 she produced at the "Standard Register Ping" making LPGA Tour History.   It was on March 16, 2001 that one of the greatest in women's golf scored a record-breaking round of 59. To this day the record still stands!

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