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How to Golf and Travel

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How to Fit Golf Into Your Travel Plans

Since many of the trips I take are usually road trips, my husband and I try to find a golf course along our traveling route to stop and play a round of golf at. It not only breaks up our trips, it also gives us a chance to golf at a different course and enjoy the scenic route of our road trip. Here's what I've discovered!

The History of Women and Golf – A Look Back

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Golf has been a game that has been played and loved by many for generations. Its history is enriched with great stories, triumphs and perseverance. But the history of women and golf never seems to get the full attention it deserves.

  To this day, golf still brings us new victories that we will always remember, ... like the 2016 US Ryder Cup Team "taking back the cup" with the crowd fully engaged, or Danny Willett winning the Masters and the "green jacket" for the first time. Now it's the women's turn!

LPGA Girls Golf – Empowering Women through Golf

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An Exclusive Interview with the LPGA Program Manager for the Girl's Golf Initiative

The LPGA has been instrumental in growing the popularity of golf among women.  As a governing body within the game of golf, they are always striving in finding creative ways of getting more women involved in the game, as well as retaining them for years to come.

Golf Shoes and Women – These Shoes Were Made for Golfing!

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Why Golf Shoes Matter - These Shoes Were MADE for Golfing! For someone who likes shoes, but loves golf more, I can tell you that finding the right pair of golf shoes is essential for both men and women golfers alike. I have a minor fondness with shoes, but not to the extent that other women have. While I like to splurge a little bit on a nice pair here and there, I have never shelled out a lot of money on most of the shoes in my collection. For me, shoes have to function as part of an outfit and not as something that the whole outfit is mirrored around.

Why We Should Teach Our Daughters to Golf – Mothers Daughters and Golf

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Mothers, Daughters and Golf When my husband and I play a round of golf together we often talk about how we look forward to sharing this game with our children someday. We are blessed to have one boy and one girl, so it will be exciting to see which one (or both) pick up the game. While I think it's easier to assume that my son may be more inclined to play golf, I also hope my daughter shows a strong interest in the game, especially at an early age.

Golf – A Friend Who’s Never Let Me Down

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I can offer subtle tips that may help you make a putt or swing a driver, but my best tip for any woman is to give the game a try. Golf will teach you more about life and its lessons than most sports ever will. It has been an unknowing teacher on how life works, and an example of how we should handle the different hurdles that come our way.

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