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Learning the Basics of a Good Golf Swing

Michelle Wei Golf Swing

Michelle Wei

Learning the basic golf swing lessons is the most important thing you can do if you want to enjoy golf to its fullest and improve your play.

If you can’t hit the ball effectively or don’t know how to swing a golf club correctly, you’ll be spending most the time in the rough, trap or possibly never even get off the tee!

There’s no need to go tearing your hair out over this one though. Learning the fundamental and proper mechanics of the golf swing are essential, but it shouldn’t be intimidating either.

We’ll be adding some great tips and golf instruction to help you “get in the swing of things”, so you’ll have a great time out on the course.

Before we begin, let me mention one of the most valuable golf tips there is, period.  Without this you will NEVER hit a good golf shot. And if you by chance you do “luck-out”, that’s exactly what it will be – LUCK.


It sounds simple, but your shot is guaranteed to flub without it.  Just about 100% of the time you raise your head too early, it will result in a bad shot.  I know immediately if I’ve messed up and my result is always a bad one.  Your head will come up naturally as you swing through the shot.  You should be watching the impact of the ball!

Let’s start with some basics – The Golf Swing!

One of the best instructional lessons on the basic golf swing I’ve found comes from Gale Peterson, one of women’s golf best teachers.

She explains how to start progressively from a small to large swing in different “Stages“.
Building your swing from the ground up, and in steps that can be easily practiced and implemented.

5 Simple Steps to Build Your Golf Swing 

A Golf Tip Video from Gale Peterson, one of Golf Digest Top 100 Golf Instructors

Gale is great; she explains clearly and simply – I recommend watching!
“Easily Build Your Golf Swing in 5 Simple Steps”

Developing a Good Swing – training lessons that will start you out on the right path to a successful swing.  Don’t move on to the next stage until you are confident.

Stage 1
Small swing with a minimal amount of wrist cock, ending with a low finish.

Stage 2
Adding more power – take a wider stance with more “wrist cock”, ending with a low finish.

Stage 3
Following upon stage 2, add a larger swing with shoulder turn, still ending in a low finish.

Stage 4
At this point you will now add a little bigger swing with more wrist cock – with the follow-thru your right arm will swivel or fold over the left, and your wrists will “rehinge” on release.

Stage 5
All of the above, ending with a full turn or complete swing.

Practice – Practice – Practice
This is a must!  You want to get out there and practice your swing on a somewhat consistent basis to keep it “tuned”.  Just like anything else, the more you practice the better you’ll get.

We will be adding more basic golf swing lessons as we go, so keep tuned in.