SKLZ Golf Swing Trainer – A Core Muscle Workout

//SKLZ Golf Swing Trainer – A Core Muscle Workout

SKLZ Golf Swing Trainer – A Core Muscle Workout

SKLZ Golf Swing Trainer Builds Strength and Improves Tempo


Gold Flex 40 SwingTrainerThe SKLZ Golf Swing Trainer was designed to increase your core muscle strength and flexibility, improve swing tempo, and improve follow-thru with a flatter swing plane.

The more you practice with the Gold Flex, the more you build a strong and precise swing.  Because it is a weighted golf club swing trainer, it automatically builds strength and flexibility with continued use.

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Guarantee:  30 day Guarantee
& 1 year Limited Warranty
LGS Rating:  9.5/10



The “exaggerated flex” in this swing trainer shaft helps expand and lengthen your golf swing, which will result in a more powerful follow-thru and greater distance.  This extra flex along with the weighted head produces a  “lag” at the very top of the backswing which helps develop the perfect swing tempo.


SKLZ Golf Swing TrainerThe momentum the weighted head creates when swinging through encourages proper weight transfer and a full follow through for form, balance and power.


I have spent a great deal of time researching others opinions as well, and the consensus is similar – very highly regarded as a worthy training aid and recommended it to potential buyers.

 Anna Nordqvist LPGA Pro, also endorses the Gold Flex!

So what does the Gold Flex offer?  Here are some features you’ll find.
SKLZ Flexible Swing Trainer



  • Low-impact stretching for maximum results.
  • Strengthens core muscles used in golf for more power and effective swings.
  • The flexible shaft helps establish the correct tempo and follow-thru of the club.
  • Very easy to use.  Just swing back-and-forth continuously without stopping 10/20 times each session.  Do this daily and it will improve strength,  flexibility and swing tempo.
  • Fits easily in your golf bag and can is absolutely legal to carry on to the golf course.
  • The long shaft length helps flatten your swing plane and reduces the likelihood of slicing.






Gold Flex Sizes

48″ club /2.5 lb. head

The Gold Flex Original – Most appropriate for golfers 5′ 6″ or taller.  Those who are under 5′ 6″ but stronger and more experienced should be able to handle this length ok though without to much difficulty.  

40″ club / 2.5 lb. head

Most appropriate for golfers under 5′ 6″.    … (see above)


SKLZ Gold Flex




A comfortable grip makes this a pleasure to hold, and with the flexible shaft and weight it’s a perfect aid to keep on hand on and off the course.

I have always had one of those weighted “doughnuts” in the pocket of my bag which did help me build my golf muscles, but it never helped develop my ideal swing the way the Gold Flex seems to do – and it fits so easily in the golf bag.
Note: The grip is not replaceable on the club.




  • Great price and very affordable to all
  • Can use the Gold Flex anywhere and easily fits in your golf bag
  • Performs as described
  • Cannot be re-gripped
  • Not quite as precise in developing proper swing plane as the more costly swing trainers such as the PlaneSWING (for obvious reasons).


A definite buy in my opinion, especially considering price.


About SKLZ

The “flagship” brand of Pro Performance Sports,  producing high-performance training products for more than 10 different major sports.

“SKLZ develops innovative athletic performance and skill development training products, technology and knowledge to improve speed, agility, balance or core strength.”


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... lifetime lover of the game of golf! Had golfing parents that loved the game and were supportive of what talents (or not) us kids had or showed interest in. Lived alongside the 5th fairway of our local golf club in high school, which is where my "true" love affair with the sport began, and it has continued for 40 years!


  1. Felicity October 10, 2016 at 11:53 am - Reply

    This SKLZ golf swing trainer looks really neat. I’d like to have more practice to improve my skills in golf for sure. This swing trainer might be great for someone who needs to increase strength like me!

    Great to know that there are things such as the Gold Flex golf swing trainer that will help me improve my strength and flexibility. Practice swinging the SKLZ 10/20 times each session seems to be a simple yet helpful way to improve my golf. … and I can keep it in my bag. The price is pretty good too. I think I’ll ask Santa!

  2. Matt's Mom March 29, 2016 at 10:35 am - Reply

    I love the SKLZ Golf Swing Trainer. I am just learning golf, but I know that I can putt great and my swing is good but I cannot get the ball very far. So this looks like something I could use. I think it’s a great affordable option compared to the PlaneSWING. Thanks for the very informative post.

    • Joanne March 29, 2016 at 1:34 pm - Reply

      Hi Matt’s Mom!

      As far as your putting goes, I’m real glad that’s not too much of an issue for you, because when you come right down to it, if you can’t get the ball into the cup, all other shots mean nothing if you’re concerned about score – you never want to 3 or 4 putt on any hole!

      I’m really glad you’re taking up golf – it’s a sport you can play your whole lifetime!

      If you’re just starting out, I think this is an excellent swing aid to consider especially for the price. There is another product called the Orange Whip which operates on the same principal, but is a bit more costly at around $100 or so. With the SKLZ swing trainer between $49-$69 or so, it’s a good deal. I’ll be doing a comparison of the two soon.


  3. JeffWA March 28, 2016 at 2:56 pm - Reply

    Hi Joanne,
    What a great piece of equipment that you focused your article on in helping a person really be able to eventually have a grooved, consistent swing when striking a golf ball.

    It’s amazing the technology that has been invented today which would help the absolute novice, through repetitive practice in being able to improve his/her golf game, primarily in this example with the basic swing.

    As you did advertise it for female golfers, would you think of a reason why a male could not take advantage of this revolutionary piece of equipment?

    With the Masters’ tournament taking place in a few weeks now is when I’ll get into the golf viewing season on television.

    What do you think about Inbee Park on the LPGA tour? She came close to winning a tournament yesterday finishing just behind Lydia Ko. Inbee looks like the most unassuming star of any other rival athlete in any sport. Yet the fact that Ms. Park has won something like 6+ majors the last several seasons leads me to believe that she is a serious force to be recognized with – especially around the time of the majors on the women’s golf tour.

    Great article and review that you posted at your site, Joanne. Thank you for composing it!


    • Joanne March 29, 2016 at 10:19 am - Reply

      Hey Jeff!

      First off, the technology end of improved golf equipment and training aids is incredible. Just as in any area of the modern world we live in the advances have been huge! Remember the days when golf was played with hickory sticks and the advent of steel shafts? Wow – can’t really compare to todays golf, but that’s a whole other subject!

      The SKLZ Golf Swing Trainer can be used by either men or women Jeff – makes no difference. What you would do is just pick the right length of trainer club; either the 40″ or 48″ depending on your height.

      The Masters is my favorite golf tournament to watch. I absolutely love the Augusta National Golf Club – none better in my opinion. Would’nt it be a dream to play there just one time?

      You mentioned Inbee Park and Lydia Ko, two of my absolute favorite women golfers on the LPGA. Lydia Ko has been doing extremely well lately, but it’s great to see Inbee pulling her game together, and you’re right, see is a force to be reckoned with. Two extremely talented golfers with great attitudes and personalities. I smile when I see either of then in contention for a win.

      It was a tie (67) between the two of them at the 4th and final round of The Kia Classic this past weekend. A pretty good match to watch indeed!

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