What is the Best Golf Ball for Women?

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What is the Best Golf Ball for Women?

The Science Behind Women’s Golf Balls & How to Pick the Right One

Before we get into talking about what is the best golf ball for women, we should have just a little bit of history on the golf ball itself. It’s amazing to think that the sport of golf was first developed in Eastern Scotland in the 1500s. Back then, Scots called the game Gowf. Although, there were variations of the game played in Belgium and the Netherlands back in 1257. In addition, King James II, III, and IV of Scotland all banned the game because they wanted people to practice archery instead. Nonetheless, once the ban was lifted, royalty and nobles could not get enough.

The first set of balls and clubs were made of wood. That was the best technology they had available in those times. Soon, they used small leather balls stuffed with feathers, called a “featherie“. Yet, they took so much time to make that only four were produced per day. This meant that only the elite could afford to play the game. Although, that didn’t stop a university student at St. Andrews from trying to make a cheaper and more efficient ball. He used gutta percha tree sap that he molded into a ball and baked.

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These were called gutties.  The other benefit is they could be mass produced, which made them the dominant ball. Over the course of time, and with technological advances, golf balls have evolved to meet the demands of players worldwide. Here, we discuss the science behind golf balls and how picking the right golf ball for women can help improve your game.


The essence of the modern golf ball

We can all see that golf balls have dimples. When golf balls were smooth, it was discovered that older balls–beat up with bumps and slices–appeared to fly farther. Golfers would naturally want to use any advantage on the golf course. As a result, the dimples create turbulence in the layer of air next to the ball. This can occasionally reduce drag.

When it comes to the core and mantle, they are made of injection-molded rubber in several densities. Just like the earth, the golf ball has several layers. The cover is a dimpled polymer with a clear coating. The coating is used to make the ball feel good against your golf club. As stated earlier, the dimples help the ball to fly farther and decrease drag.

Moreover, there are different sizes and patterns of golf balls. The reason is they have different effects. The core might be the most critical part though. This is because your power is transferred from your club to the ball’s center. In fact, Titleist R&D has a team of engineers and chemists that work on continually advancing core design. If you were to use a Pro V1 or Pro V1x, you find a synthetic rubber called polybutadiene at its core. You can find out lots more technical information and history about the if you’re interested.


Still, a golf ball is only worth its weight in salt when all of the different components work together successfully. A better core will receive more of the power transfer. The cover can help you control your shots on the green. This is why it is essential to pick the right golf ball.


Does it have to be complicated?

On the surface, picking the right golf ball seems more difficult than it really is. Millions of balls are lost every year on golf courses throughout the world. Still, it is the only piece of golf equipment you use on every stroke. Not to mention, not all golf balls are created equal. Cover materials can make a difference in both your putting performance and driver distance.


Do women need specific types of golf balls?

Manufacturers such as Srixon, Nike and Callaway all make golf balls for women. So, there must be something to it. Still, the general consensus is that if you have a slower swing speed, you can drive farther if you use a low-compression ball. This is why beginners are advised against playing with “tour” category balls such as the Titleist ProV1. Any ball with a “Lady’s” or “Women’s” label should make the cut. And of course, you do not have to be a woman to use these balls; they are simply designed for a “type” of golfer which would typically include seniors and often men as well, depending on their skills.

Top Rated Women's Golf Balls

Some of the Top Rated Women’s Golf Balls sold on Amazon


High Trajectory

If you have a slow swing, it can be time consuming to get your drives up in the air. If you want to increase your distance and control, then it helps to have a higher ball flight. This can be achieved by dimple patterns. Another characteristic to look out for is a ball that boosts accuracy, while decreasing sidespin. Women often have slower swing speeds, and won’t make as many big hooks or slices. In this case, you want to look at golf balls with ionomer covers. Some options include:

Titleist Velocity
Nike Power Distance Soft/Long
Titleist DT Solo
Bridgestone E-Series 5/6/7


Short Game Control

You want to improve your chances of getting your bunker shots, chips and pitches as close to the hole as possible. It costs more for urethane covers and multi-layer construction, but these types of balls offer the most green-side spin. On the other hand, women’s models usually have surlyn covers and two-piece construction. The good news is they can also deliver better spin.


Price and Color

Women's Golf BallsYou have the option of using brightly colored balls and don’t have to stick with White if other colors are easier for you to see.
Some choices include:


If you’re a beginner, a bright ball might be easier for you to find in varying light conditions and throughout any woods or lakes. But don’t buy a ball just because it’s “pretty” – buy for performance! When it comes to price, women’s golf balls can range at around $20 or less per dozen. Women tend to abuse balls less, which means you have the potential to play more games.

When it comes to golf balls, it really does help to pick the right one. You want a ball that will help you drive farther, provide good spin and help you get more shots in the air. Starting out with women’s models can even add several yards to your tee shots. So, what are you waiting for?



#1 Top Selling Women's Golf Ball

Curious about the #1 Top Selling Women's Golf Ball sold on the Biggest Commerce Site in the World? I happen to have done quite a bit of research into what is the preferred ball amongst women golfers, and the results are almost 5-to-1!

So ….  what is the best golf ball for women you ask? It depends on your own personal skill level and what you want to achieve.  The balls labeled for women specifically are a great place to begin. Start testing today!

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... lifetime lover of the game of golf! Had golfing parents that loved the game and were supportive of what talents (or not) us kids had or showed interest in. Lived alongside the 5th fairway of our local golf club in high school, which is where my "true" love affair with the sport began, and it has continued for 40 years!


  1. Trish September 6, 2016 at 11:12 pm - Reply

    This article is truly very interesting to me, as I tried hard to learn to play golf back in 2008. Because the drive was too hard for me to accomplish (and, most golfers don’t want to play with newbies) I gave up… and my clubs have been collecting dust ever since.

    To think something as simple as dimples on the golf balls … as well as the construction of the ball itself making it easier or more difficult to drive farther has seriously impressed me. Not sure why I never thought about this before.

    You’ve now helped me imagine a new “what if! …” for me, I’m getting back out there on the course and try, try, try again. Thanks!

  2. Maurice Jackson September 6, 2016 at 7:09 pm - Reply

    I didn’t know that women often use a different golf ball then men. I thought all balls were pretty much alike. I just learned something today!
    I’ll have to pick up some for my wife! Ha – maybe it will help her.
    This article was very informative, & thanks for sharing.

    • Joanne September 7, 2016 at 2:12 pm - Reply

      Hahaha – I won’t tell her you said that!

  3. James Harvey September 5, 2016 at 8:11 am - Reply

    This is very cool I did not know that it was a certain golf ball type for women. I have been trying to get my wife to play for sometime now. But she swears it’s a guy thing. Maybe this will help me persuade her. Nice video too. You have a lot of valuable information here. I will be sure to bookmark and share your site.

    • Joanne September 7, 2016 at 7:19 am - Reply

      Thanks so much James!
      Hahaha – “a guy thing”. Tell your wife I think she’s crazy! Are you serious?
      I hope you indeed convince her to play with you. It’s a lifelong sport that has many many benefits.

  4. Monica Bouteiller September 5, 2016 at 12:18 am - Reply

    Thank you! I really enjoyed reading this.

    I”m a beginner at golf and could use all the tips I can get. I never realized the texture and design of the golf ball would make such a difference. I have a slow swing and your options like the Titleist Velocity is very interesting and I will definitely think about my trajectory more. What’s really neat are the coloured balls.. makes it more fun too!

    I write right handed but I play golf with my left hand. Do you have any tips for me in regards to being righty and lefty??

    • Joanne September 7, 2016 at 7:09 am - Reply

      Hi Monica!
      Hahaha, yes the colors are fun. But performance is the primary goal, and they are very helpful to a lot of women.
      How did you ever manage to become a “leftie” when you’re naturally right-handed? I’m sure that makes things interesting. The same golfing tips apply to both.

  5. Joy Jordison September 4, 2016 at 2:20 pm - Reply

    I am not much of a golfer. I’ve tried playing golf with friends and was not very good. What you have done with your information here in the web site has opened my eyes. If I had half the information you have here then I would of realized a lot of things that were missing in my attempt to play golf.
    You have made me realize it is not just the weight of the clubs but the design and texture of the golf balls. The size of person and the power of the muscles of the body.
    All these things play into balance as to what type of equipment and balls you purchase. I am sure as you achieve more arm, back and leg muscles to support a stronger swing then your equipment would change up too.
    You have made it clear that in order to succeed you must take all factors into play. That you should not give up but find the right balance for yourself, especially if you find a great passion for golf.
    I commend your ability to put these feelings and information across enabling everyone to achieve a balance of success and enjoyment out of a sporting event they enjoy.

    • Joanne September 7, 2016 at 1:02 am - Reply

      … great comment – thank you!
      And don’t forget, golf should be fun too!

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